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SEMA Guard

Protect the PowerTrain and Hydraulics on your equipment with SEMA Guard. Effective for one crop season, SEMA Guard covers qualified failures or breakdowns that cause downtime during the crop season. While SEMA Guard is not a reconditioning program, you can rest easy that failures during the crop season are covered. You may purchase SEMA Guard for 250 or 500 hours. A $500 deductible is required per claim. Coverage includes equipment up to 10-years old with less than 4,750 engine hours.Prior to purchase, an inspection and recommended repairs must be completed at the owners expense.

SEMA Guard Details of Inclusions

PowerTrain: The Powertrain group includes the following components which produce, transmit orcontrol engine horsepower for propelling the machine:

  • Core engine (except hang-on attachments)
  • Engine Fan & flywheel (Fan drive claims must identify the factory defect and have proof of recommended servicing)
  • Engine Control modules and sensors* (example:ECU)
  • Engine lubrication system (except oil and oil filter)
  • Turbo air induction & exhaust system (except muffler, hoses/tubes, exhaust stack & air filters)
  • Engine water pump and water temperature regulator
  • Fuel injection components* (Injectors are limited to a factory defect on engines under 2,000 hours)
  • Engine drive-line coupler, drive-line shafts, U-joints, transfer gears & differential
  • Transmission, transmission oil pumps, valves, control units & sensors
  • Final drives, drive axles (factory installed only) and non-powered axle. (except Auto Steer and Suspension systems)
  • Hydro propel pumps, motors, controls, sensors & lines/hoses
  • Creeper drive components, contained within the axle casting
  • Power take off (PTO) components contained within the axle casting.
  • Powertrain coverage includes the Engine power supply to the thrashing cylinder/rotor. Powertrain coverage stops at the end of the output shaft of the final gearbox/hydraulic motor that drives the trashing cylinder/rotor
  • Combine Reverser unit (limited to the unit and its internal components only)

*Some components are covered by Manufacturer’s Emissions Warranty for failures occurring in first 3000 Hours or 5 Years, whichever occurs first and not by this coverage.

PowerTrain + Hydraulics: The PowerTrain + Hydraulic systems group includes all components in the powertrain group plus hydraulic systems parts and components associated with steering and implement control. It does not include auto-steer, suspension or self-levelling components.

  • Hydraulic pumps, oil coolers, motors, controls & sensors

Hydraulic valves, cylinders, accumulators, hoses/lines, swivels, & filter bases General Items COVERED by all Categories:

  • We will pay for replacement of necessary fluids, oils, greases, lubricants and approved A/C gases that must be replaced in conjunction with a covered repair. THIS COVERAGE DOES NOT APPLY TO SHOP SUPPLIES.
  • We will pay for reasonable, necessary and customary diagnostic charges incurred in conjunction with a covered repair, not to exceed the labor time listed in a nationally recognized parts and labor guide.
    • Diagnostic time will not be paid when the proper repair is readily apparent to the normal senses of sight, touch, smell and/or sound.
    • Diagnostic costs that will exceed $500 must be pre-approved by the Administrator.
  • RELATED DAMAGE COVERAGE: WE will pay for the replacement of brake pads, belts and hoses that are damaged and require replacement as a direct result of a covered Mechanical Breakdown.
  • Claims must be submitted within 30 days of failure.