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125 lb fertilizer spreader

Put Your Lawn, Bushes, and Perennials to Rest for a Long Winter’s Nap with Lawn Care Kits in Austin, MN


Winter always seems to creep up on us and put us in a state of frenzy. There’s so much to do—the kids are back in school, there’s holiday shopping to do, and hundreds of other chores to finish. But what about the lawn? The tough winter months can wreak havoc on bushes, trees, perennials, and lawns if they’re not properly maintained. SEMA Equipment in Austin, MN has everything you need to prepare your landscaping for winter. Put your lawn, bushes, and perennials to rest for a long winter’s nap with tools and lawn care kits from SEMA Equipment.

How do you get your landscaping ready for winter? Follow these simple steps!

  1. Fertilize. It’s crucial to fertilize in the late autumn months when the grass growth is slowing down and storing nutrients during the winter months. Feed your lawn now to increase root growth.
  2. Aerate. In order to improve root growth, fertilizer, sunlight, and air need to be able to get into the soil. Aeration reduces soil impaction to allow the air, sunlight, and fertilizer to get deep down to the roots.
  3. Mulch. When mowing during the late autumn months, raise the mower height and keep the grass clippings on the lawn instead of bagging. This provides protection to the grass and roots.
  4. Cover and protect perennials. Rose bushes and other perennials certainly need a break from the tough winter months. If possible, cover the base of perennials with leaves to help protect the roots and prevent break-off. Rose bushes are best if covered to prevent break-off and damage to the bush.

Preparing your landscaping for the harsh winter is essential to having a great looking property come spring. Lawn mower attachments and lawn care kits such as mulching kits, fertilizer spreaders, leaf blowers, and bush and hedge trimmers are all available at SEMA Equipment in Austin, MN to make your job easier. Our trained and experienced staff know what’s best for the job and are available to assist you. Contact us today by calling (507) 437-6625, visiting our convenient location at 2001 4th Street NW in Austin, or visit us here. Put your lawn, bushes, and perennials to rest for a long winter’s nap with tools and lawn care kits from SEMA Equipment.