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125 lb fertilizer spreader

Make Lawn Fertilization Easy With a Rear-Mount, Spin, or Broadcast Spreader in Plainview, MN

A well-maintained lawn is a beautiful aspect of any landscaping. They’re not only lovely, but also generate oxygen, improve air quality, and reduce heat by 20 to 30 degrees! However, to do all this, lawns must be healthy. One of the best ways to keep your lawn healthy is through fertilization. This has never been easier than with fertilizer spreaders and other equipment from SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN.

While many believe that spring is the best time to fertilize, fall is actually one of the best seasons for fertilizing for several reasons, including:

  1. Heat. The scorching heat in the summer could lead to the burning of your grass if it’s fertilized when it’s too warm. Choose to fertilize in the fall when the temperatures are cooler.
  2. Moisture. During the summer months, there can be periods of days or weeks without rain. Fertilizing without the proper moisture can be hazardous to the health of your lawn. The morning dew in the fall helps to moisturize.
  3. Build stamina. We all know that winter follows fall in the upper Midwest. Fertilizing in the fall gives your lawn time to build strength and stamina before the ground freezes and the snow flies.
  4. Root growth. Want a greener lawn in the spring? Support root growth during the cooler fall months for a healthy and green lawn in the spring.

Fall is just an all-around good time of year for lawns. Supporting root growth, feeding your lawn, and fertilizing are all good during the fall season, and knowing when to apply fertilizer is just as important. The optimal time to fertilize is two to three weeks before the ground freezes in the morning or early evening when the temperatures aren’t too warm. To prevent run-off, never apply fertilizer when there is immediate rain in the forecast and mow the lawn before applying.

If you own a commercial lawn care business or are just applying fertilize to your own property, a fertilizer spreader will make the job easier and more efficient. At SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN, we carry a wide selection of rear mount spreaders as well as spin and broadcast spreaders. We’re all about your lawn being fed, nourished, and strengthened so it looks great in the spring. Contact us today for your fertilizer spreader options by calling (507) 534-3116, by visiting our convenient location at 55083 County Road 4 or visit us here!


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