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Landscaping Pros in Rochester, MN Can Find All of the Landscaping Equipment They Need at SEMA Equipment!


Although the sun is scorching hot and the air is humid, landscaping professionals across the Rochester, MN area are busier than ever. While the heat may not stop you, unreliable or old landscaping equipment might. If you’re looking for durable, dependable landscaping equipment to make your work better quality and more efficient, it’s time to visit SEMA Equipment.




Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, SEMA has a wide variety of high-quality landscaping equipment that will help you tackle even the biggest jobs. Check out some of our most popular landscaping equipment!




1.    Chainsaw. While chainsaws are an essential part of your landscaping arsenal, STIHL chainsaws at SEMA offer better quality, are easier to operate, and highly durable. With a variety of features, sizes, and styles available, you’ll find the perfect chainsaw for your job.


2.    Tiller. You can’t afford to waste time creating gardens or flowerbeds by hand. Instead, try a Honda tiller. No matter the size of the area, Honda tillers come in mini, mid-tine, and rear-tine to best fit your needs, so you’re ready for any job.


3.    Planting Auger. Perfect for deep root fertilization or mass flower plantings, a STIHL planting auger is dependable and powerful, while being lightweight and easy to use. 


4.    Mowers. From push mowers to front mowers, wide area or ZTrak mowers, every landscaper must have one. The sizes are endless, and the work performance is unmatched, allowing for unprecedented efficiency.  


5.    Skid-steer and Attachments. Loaders, trenchers, backhoes, blades, scrapers, brooms, grapples, and so much more! We carry a wide variety of John Deere skid-steers and attachments, so you’re prepared for any situation. Attachments are easy to operate and change out, making your skid-steer a versatile addition to your landscaping equipment.


6.    Trimmers and Blowers. Don’t forget about those hard to reach places that still need a little TLC. Every landscaper needs a trimmer and blower for the finishing touches.




If you own a landscaping business in Rochester, MN, are just getting started, or have some work to do at home, SEMA Equipment has all of the tools you need for any job. Our experienced, friendly professionals will help you find the right piece of equipment for the right price, making your job a lot easier. Check out our landscaping equipment here. We’re sure you will find exactly what you’re looking for to provide the best landscaping services possible.