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7 Ways a Gator Utility Vehicle or Gator Turf Utility Vehicle Can Make Your Work Easier in Plainview, MN

Hot summer days, landscaping, hauling, pushing gravel, loading logs, or just having fun in the sun all have something in common—they’d all be easier with a Gator utility vehicle or Gator Turf utility vehicle from SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN.

No one enjoys being in the scorching sun, whether it’s for work or play. When the sun is beating down, it’s difficult to maintain your energy, stay hydrated, and get the job done. However, a Gator or Gator Turf utility vehicle can make your job a breeze. See what a utility vehicle can do for you!

1. Heavy hauling done effortlessly. You may have a huge piece of property, own a commercial landscaping business, or work for a golf course. Whatever the case may be, heavy hauling can be draining. With a Gator Turf utility vehicle, this hauling can be done effortlessly.

2. Spray attachments. Need to spray and fertilize a large area and don’t want to lug around a hand-held sprayer? The ProGator utility vehicle has a SelectSpray attachment with a 200 to 300-gallon capacity tank.

3. Cargo box lift kits. If you need to haul heavy logs, rocks, dirt, or other items, a cargo box lift kit will make the job a whole lot easier.

4. Winches. A quick connecting winch can pull up to 4500 pounds. How’s that for power?

5. Blade for snow removal. Although you may not be thinking of snow removal at this time of year, there’s nothing keeping you from being prepared for those tough Midwest winters by having a blade for snow removal.

6. Roof, windshields, and lights. If you’re working in the scorching sun or pouring rain, year-round weather protection from a roof, windshield, and lights is sure to keep you cool, dry, and safe. Stay out of the sun this summer while still enjoying the weather.

7. Tackle rough trails and terrain. If you enjoy getting out and tackling the rough trails and terrains in all sorts of weather, a Gator utility vehicle is sure to provide pleasure for many years to come.

When you need to work or play in the scorching sun, pouring rain, or have a lot of hard, manual labor to do but just don’t know if you have the time or energy to get it all accomplished, consider a Gator utility vehicle or Gator Turf utility vehicle. At SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN, we understand the importance of working and playing hard and that’s why we suggest a Gator utility vehicle or a Gator Turf utility vehicle to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Contact us today by calling (507) 534-3116, visiting our convenient location at 55083 County Road 4 in Plainview, or visit us here. Make your work fun in the sun with a Gator utility vehicle or Gator Turf utility vehicle from SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN.