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March Madness Oil & Filter Sale

Stock up and Save March 1-31, 2021

Spring Service Specials!

Book by March 31, 2021 for $20 Off!

15% Off Perma-Loc Sweeps

Buy a new set of Perma-Loc sweeps and receive the quick-change adapters, FREE!

15% Off Home Maintenance Kits & Shop Towels

Keep your mower running like new! Save through April 30, 2021.

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Through March 31, 2021

Near-NEW Tractors at Low Prices

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In Response to Coronavirus/COVID-19

SEMA Equipment to stay open; distance resources available

Grand Opening Event in Grand Meadow!

Join us Wednesday, July 10 to celebrate our new location in Grand Meadow!

We’re Moving! Opening in Grand Meadow June 24!

Grand Opening scheduled for Wednesday, July 10.

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow: Flight 13

February 11, 2019 - Interior Work Continues

Don’t Get Left in the Cold this Winter—Find Reliable Snow Removal Equipment in St. Ch...

The snow is on its way in St. Charles, MN, and you need to be ready! Find reliable snow removal equipment at SEMA Equipment today!

John Deere Tractors at 100 — The Legend Runs On

Happy Anniversary to John Deere Tractors!

agriculture parts
Winter is Not a Season, it’s an Occupation—Get Parts and Service for Your Agriculture...

With winter comes chores; follow along with SEMA Equipment's repair & maintenance checklist and contact us for parts and services to help you along.

125 lb fertilizer spreader
Put Your Lawn, Bushes, and Perennials to Rest for a Long Winter’s Nap with Lawn Care ...

Let SEMA Equipment help you get your lawn ready for winter with these lawn care kits & lawn care tips. For more help, give us a call at 507-437-6625 or visit Austin, MN today!

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 12

October 22, 2018 - Main Building is Enclosed

compact track loader
Get Year-Round Help with a Compact Track Loader from SEMA Equipment

Don't fret about your work year-round with a compact track loader from SEMA Equipment in Southern Minnesota. Call us today for more information!

125 lb fertilizer spreader
Make Lawn Fertilization Easy With a Rear-Mount, Spin, or Broadcast Spreader in Plainv...

Make your next task of lawn fertilization easier with these tips from SEMA Equipment and a fertilizer spreader to add to your Plainview, MN home. Stop in!

grapple attachment
Give Your Clients More and Equip Yourself With the Best Landscaping Equipment in Nort...

Give your clients the best with a variety of landscaping equipment from SEMA in Northfield, MN. From tillers to skid steer & more, call SEMA today for more!

compact utility tractor
Put a Stop to Being Overworked and Under-Powered With a Compact Tractor in LeRoy, MN

Don't let yourself get overworked & find yourself under-powered. Get a compact tractor from Sema Equipment in Le Roy, MN. Stop in or call us today!

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 11

September 17, 2018 - Steel Framing

stihl hedge trimmer
3 Ways a STIHL Hedge Trimmer From SEMA Equipment in Wanamingo, MN Can Make Fall Yard ...

See the 3 ways that a STIHL hedge trimmer can help make fall yard cleanup easy in your Wanamingo, MN. Stop in, or call us today to purchase a new tool!

tractor mower
Fall Yardwork Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore With the Right Landscaping Equipment in Cale...

Your fall yardwork doesn't have to be a daunting chore with the help from SEMA Equipment. We provide the right kind of landscaping equipment for any job. Call us today for help!

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 10

August 20, 2018 - Main Building is Poured

stihl hedge trimmer
Putting Safety First is Easy with STIHL Protective Wear in St. Charles, MN

Put your safety first with the help of SEMA Equipement & STIHL. Get proper protective wear from STIHL to help you during your regular lawn work. From chainsaw boots to protectiv...

grapple attachment
5 Ways Grapple Attachments Can Make Your Next Job in Spring Valley, MN, a Breeze

See 5 ways that a grapple attachment can help make your residential or commercial job easier in Spring Valley, MN & beyond. Let SEMA help you stay equipped. Give us a call today...

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 9

August 6, 2018 - Cold Storage Building is Poured

stihl hedge trimmer
Learn How to Keep Your Hedges Healthy with a STIHL Hedge Trimmer in Austin, MN Today!

Learn the proper tips on keeping healthy hedges with a residential or commercial STIHL hedge trimmer from SEMA Equipment in Austin, MN. Give us a call at 507-437-6625.

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 8

7/30/18 - Underground work Continues

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 7

July 24, 2018 - Setting the Foundation

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 6

July 16, 2018 - Foundation Prep Begins

tractor mower
Landscaping Pros in Rochester, MN Can Find All of the Landscaping Equipment They Need...

Whether you're looking to upgrade or add more landscaping equipment to your arsenal, you can find everything you need at SEMA! Learn more today!

utility vehicle
7 Ways a Gator Utility Vehicle or Gator Turf Utility Vehicle Can Make Your Work Easie...

See the 7 ways a gator utility vehicle or turf utility vehicle can help make your work easier around Plainview, MN. Stop into SEMA or visit our site today!

post hole digger
4 Ways a John Deere Post Hole Digger from SEMA Equipment in Northfield, MN Can Make Y...

See 4 of the many ways a John Deere post hole digger can help you out building a fence for your home or farm. Contact SEMA Equipment today for more.

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 5

June 25, 2018 - Building Site Takes Shape

130 lb spin fertilizer spreader
Achieve a Lush, Green Lawn With the Help of a Broadcast, Hand-held, or Drop Spreader ...

Get a greener lawn in your home in Wanamingo, MN with the help of a broadcast, hand-held, or drop spreader from SEMA Equipment. Visit our shop today!

pressure washer
Get the Clean You Need With a Stihl Dirt Boss Pressure Washer From SEMA Equipment in ...

From washing equipment to prepping for painting, consider a Stihl pressure washer from SEMA Equipment in LeRoy, MN. Stop in or give us a call today!

john deere four-wheel lawnmowers
When It Comes to Four-Wheel Steering Lawnmowers, Nothing Runs Like a Deere from SEMA ...

No matter the size of the job, you need a quality lawnmower. Learn what sets John Deere four-wheel lawnmowers apart from the pack today!

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 4

May 21, 2018 - Dirt Work Continues

SEMA Equipment | Grand Meadow Project: Flight 3

May 21, 2018 - Grading Continues

Save More Than Just Your Back! Lighten Your Load with a John Deere Utility Tractor fr...

A John Deere utility tractor can save more than your back! Learn how a utility tractor can help with your residential and commercial jobs today!

stihl powered equipment
5 Types of STIHL Powered Equipment That Make Landscaping and Cleanup Jobs in Spring V...

STIHL powered equipment can make any residential or commercial landscaping job easier. Learn more about the different STIHL equipment we offer!

lawn tractor attachment
Maintaining Gravel Driveways Made Easy with John Deere Compact Tractor Attachments Fr...

Keep your land looking good and ready for proper landscaping with compact tractor attachments from SEMA Equipment in Austin, MN. Visit us today!

Prepare Yourself for the Spring Season with Preventative Maintenance and Servicing of...

Get your lawn mower & other equipment ready for springtime in Minnesota with preventative maintenance & servicing provided by SEMA Equipment. Call today!

72 hole bin
Prepare Yourself for Spring by Purchasing and Organizing Your Hand Tools and Hardware...

Keep your hand tools nearby & ready for tackling spring with organizational tools from SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN. Call or stop in today for more.

tractor technician
Prevent Downtime During Peak Seasons with Preventative Equipment Inspections from SEM...

Prevent any downtime during peak seasons this year with a preventative equipment inspection from SEMA in Northfield, MN. Call us to schedule today!

gator utility
No Matter the Reason or the Season, a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle From SEMA Equi...

Get your work done in any season & any part of the day with a John Deere Gator Utility Tractor from SEMA Equipment in Wanamingo, MN.

Enjoy Power Without Compromise with a John Deere Compact Utility Tractor from SEMA Eq...

Don't compromise your cost or space with a compact utility tractor from SEMA Equipment. Check out the options today & start a payment plan here in LeRoy, MN

3 Benefits of an Electric Mounted Spin Spreader from SEMA Equipment in St. Charles, MN

It's time to work smarter, not harder. Learn more about the benefits of an electric mounted spin spreader from SEMA Equipment today!

Winter Lawn Mower Deals
4 Benefits of Purchasing Lawn Mowing Equipment During the Off-Season Through SEMA Equ...

Learn more about the benefits of purchasing lawn mowing equipment for your Caledonia, MN home or business with the help of SEMA Equipment today!

tractor technician
Prepare for the Season Ahead with Preventative Equipment Inspections through SEMA Equ...

Prepare for the next planting season with preventative equipment inspections for all your tools. Call SEMA in Spring Valley, MN today to schedule.

Benefits of Owning a Generator for Your Home Are Endless: Purchase Yours Today From S...

See the benefits of owning a generator at your home in Austin, MN. Stop into SEMA Equipment today for a generator of your own.

snow attachment
Get Rid of the Commercial Landscaping Winter Dilemma with Snow Removal, Tree Trimming...

If you're in the commercial landscaping business, branch out this winter with snow removal, tree trimming, & other equipment from SEMA that can help you.

tractor technician
Search for a Career and College Opportunity After High School as a Certified Technici...

Get a head start on a career or get an opportunity through college as a certified technician from SEMA Equipment's John Deer Tech Program. Check it out!

agricultural equipment
Use Toys and Events at SEMA Equipment in Northfield, MN to Connect Your Children with...

Get your kids interested in farming & Agriculture with the help of SEMA Equipment in Northfield, MN. We have events, toys, & more to help spark interest.

snow attachment
Say Goodbye to the Mow and Hello to the Snow with Snow Removal Equipment from SEMA Eq...

Put away your mowers and break out your plows from SEMA equipment in Wanamigo, MN. We have snow removal equipment, machine services, & more. Call today!

gator utility vehicles
5 Ways to Increase Efficiency With a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle From SEMA Equip...

See the 5 ways you can increase your efficiency on your home or hobby farm with a John Deere Gator utility vehicle from SEMA Equipment in Caledonia, MN.

Live a Simple and Rewarding Life by Heating Your Home with Wood this Winter. Purchase...

Keep your home warm with nature this winter by using a Stihl chainsaw from SEMA Equipment in LeRoy, MN. Visit us today to pick up the newest equipment.

lawn & garden
Get Rid of Shabby Looking Lawns With Lawn and Garden Tools and Equipment From SEMA Eq...

Spruce up your lawn before the snow hits with lawn & garden tool & equipment from SEMA Equipment in Austin, MN. Call or stop in today!

leaf blower
Fall into Cooler Weather with a Stihl Leaf Blower from SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN

Prepare for the fallen leaves with a Stihl leaf blower from SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN. Remove leaves, snow, & more with lighter models for everyone.

Prepare Your Lawn and Yard for a Long Winter’s Nap with Tools and Equipment from SEMA...

Get ready for winter in your Plainview home with these tips, tools & equipment from SEMA. From trimming hedges to mowing one last time. Call us for more.

agricultural equipment
Make Farming and Harvest Easier with New or Used Agricultural Equipment from SEMA Equ...

Give yourself an advantage before spring rolls around again by looking at the new & used agricultural equipment from SEMA in Caledonia, MN.

Grand Meadow Announcement

SEMA Equipment shareholders announce their plans for a new location.

6 Simple Steps and the Help of SEMA Equipment in Northfield, MN, Can Give You a Healt...

Get a lush lawn this summer with these 6 lawn care tips & tools for sale from SEMA Equipment in Northfield, MN. Give us a call for more.

Make Fall and Winter Yard Cleanup Easier With a Stihl Blower and Vacuum From SEMA Equ...

As the seasons shift to fall & winter, it's time to consider an easy way to cleanup in St. Charles. A Stihl blower & vacuum may be just the thing; call us!

130 lb spin fertilizer spreader
Prepare Now for Upcoming Lawn Fertilizing Season With a Spreader from SEMA Equipment ...

Know when, where, and how to apply lawn fertilization this season with the help of SEMA Equipment.

Ground Clearing Equipment From SEMA Equipment in Spring Valley, MN, That Will Pay for...

Contact SEMA Equipment in Spring Valley for ground clearing equipment for your yard or your field.

lawn tractor attachment
Ways to Make Your Riding Lawn Mower an All-Season Workhorse With SEMA Equipment in St...

This year, boost your riding lawn mower to handle all seasons with fertilizer spreaders, snow removal attachments & more. Visit SEMA today in St. Charles.

Lighten Your Load with a John Deere Skid Steer from SEMA Equipment in Spring Valley, ...

Check out SEMA for a John Deere Skid Steer loader with attachments today!

Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Lawn Healthy During the Heat of the Summer with SE...

Keep up with your lawn maintenance this summer with these tips & tricks from SEMA

Reap the Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn with a Fertilizer Spreader from SEMA Equip...

Get your own fertilizer spreader for your Northfield, MN lawn

Let Your Lawn Breathe With an Aerator from SEMA Equipment in Wanamingo, MN

Keep your lawn at it's healthiest with a aerator from SEMA in Wanamingo!

Mulching Lawnmower
Save the Environment by Mulching Grass Clippings with a Mulching Lawnmower from SEMA ...

Get a lawn mower & mulching attachment from SEMA Equipment to help he lawn today.

5 Benefits of Purchasing Attachments for your John Deere Lawn Tractors and Utility Tr...

Understand what tractor attachment benefits you may be missing around Caledonia, MN

5 Reasons to Work Smarter Not Harder with a Stihl Chainsaw from SEMA Equipment in Roc...

Don't settle for a difficult old fashioned way of trimming trees & doing lawnwork. Get a Stihl chainsaw from SEMA Equipment & primp your Rochester, MN home.

3 Reasons to Purchase a Honda Garden Tiller as a Staple of Gardening through SEMA Equ...

This spring get your Plainview, MN garden ready for the rest of the year with a Honda garden tiller from SEMA Equipment. Stop in or give us a call today!

Get Your Commercial Lawn Care Business Up and Running with Used Lawn Equipment from S...

Don't pay full price for good equipment when you can get quality used lawn equipment for your lawn care business from SEMA in Northfield, MN. Call today!

Don’t Let Equipment Breakdowns Defeat You! Use Mobile Service from SEMA Equipment

Don't let an equipment break break you down. Get mobile service help for your John Deer & other equipment from SEMA. We'll help you get back on track!

Start Your Own Lawn Care or Landscaping Business with Equipment from SEMA Equipment i...

Get a head start on your own lawn care or landscaping business with the tools and knowledge from SEMA Equipment in Plainview, MN. Give us a call today!

Choose Used Farm and Commercial Equipment That’s Perfect for Your Job and Your Pocket...

This year when choosing farm equipment from SEMA in Northfield, check out our selection of used equipment for your commercial & residential needs.

Lighten Your Springtime Load with a John Deere Gator Utility Vehicle from SEMA Equipm...

Let John Deere do the heavy lifting for you this spring with the line of Gator Utility Vehicles found at SEMA Equipment in Wanamingo, MN. Visit us today for a selection.

Rev Up Your Engines for Spring Landscaping, Mowing, and Other Services with Commercia...

Spring is fast approaching the LeRoy, MN community, so get prepared for some groundwork with commercial equipment from SEMA. Mowers & more for your needs!

There Are Plenty of Opportunities as an Agricultural Service Technician at SEMA Equip...

If you're looking for a job with SEMA Equipment, then consider working as a agricultural service technician. SEMA outlines the opportunities included!

Bring Life to the Upcoming Spring Season with a Honda Garden Tiller from SEMA Equipme...

Get your garden ready for spring with a Honda garden tiller from SEMA. From large projects to small home gardens, can help you get the best equipment.

Get Moving in the Right Direction With a John Deere Skid Steer Loader From SEMA Equip...

Whether you have a big construction project or things to do at home in Spring Valley, you can count on a John Deere skid steer loader from SEMA Equipment.

Spring is Near – Rev Up Your Engines with Efficiently Working Machinery and Equipment...

Spring is arriving, so get those tractors, mowers, chainsaws, & more up to par with our equipment maintenance program from SEMA in Austin, MN. Call today!

Let Us Lighten Your Load and Help With That “Green” Spring Fever Itch With John Deere...

Got spring fever? Get your 'green' on with John Deere equipment for the new year and new season. Contact SEMA today for the full range of equipment we have.

Go from Snow to Mow Effortlessly with Mowers and Utility Tractors from SEMA Equipment...

Check out the inventory in our Plainview SEMA Equipment for mowers and utility tractors for the upcoming spring season. Get a head start on sales today!

There’s “Snow” Job Too Big or Too Small for Honda Snow Blowers From SEMA Equipment in...

SEMA Equipment & Honda snow blowers have you covered for the snowy weather this season. Check out our supply of equipment for your home.

If All You Want for Christmas is a Little Bit of Prosperity, Contact SEMA Equipment i...

This year, keep your wallet & your fields a littler fuller with agriculture equipment leasing from SEMA Equip around SE Minnesota. Give us a call today!

The Fire is So Delightful Because of a Stihl Chainsaw from SEMA Equipment in Wanaming...

Keep yourself warm this winter in Wanamingo, MN with a Stihl chainsaw. SEMA has a wide variety of equipment to choose from, so check us out!

Change the Gears from Mow to Snow with Equipment and Winterizing from SEMA Equipment ...

Get ready for the snow with tractor attachments, and services from SEMA Equipment in Caledonia. Schedule an inspection and a mow-to-snow service today!

Make Winter a Lot Less Worrisome With the Proper John Deere or Honda Snow Removal Equ...

The snow hasn't fallen yet but be prepared with John Deer & Honda snow removal equipment from SEMA for your garage in the Midwest. Check us out today!

Lawn Care Isn’t Finished Yet—Get the Job Done with Stihl or Honda Equipment and Tools...

Whether you need a snowblower, lawn mower, chainsaw or other lawn equipment, SEMA is here to help with a wide range of brands to choose from. Check us out!

Heating Your Home with Wood This Winter? Make it Easier with a Stihl Chainsaw from SE...

Go back to basics & heat your home with wood with the help of Stihl Chainsaws from SEMA Equipment. To keep your Caledonia home warm, count on us for supply.